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SmartHash - Social Media platform for Instagram, Twitter and Vine. Hashtag campaign collection system

What is Smart Hash? (Hashtag Campaign)

The number of companies that carry out campaigns on Twitter , Instagram and Vine are increasing

What is the Hashtag?

The keywords that begin with the hash mark "pound sign (#)" which are posted on social media referred to "hashtag". By using this hashtag, people who is not a follower, or people who shares the same interest, will be able to view the post. Hashtag appears as a clickable link in the post description. By clicking on the link text of the hashtag, you can see the other posts that were tagged with the same hashtag

Example Hashtag
"# company name", "# product name", "# service name", "# words", "# place name",
"# Tokyo", "# denim"

Anyone will be able to create a new hashtag, but it is necessary that before the campaign is launched, confirmed whether hashtag was being used in other applications or not

Reference information

The era of Smartphone Information retrieval with hashtag is starting !
About half of the young women search for "information of concern" in the hashtag!

Research about the behavior of women using hashtag

  • Have you ever used the hashtag?

    Have you ever used the hashtag?

  • What service did you use the hashtag?

    What service did you use the hashtag?

  • Why do you use hashtag?

    Why do you use hashtag?


The promotional campaign utilizing the hashtag?

For example, writing posts with certain hashtag keywords, and "qualification (applicants)" by posting them on social media.
Users can be easily participate with SNS they are using everyday, it is expected to be spreading the PR campaigns and products on SNS.
You can collect photos and videos, it is also possible to carry out the photo contests and video contests. You can earn a result, the follower can be mandatory to the official account that you can have the message function and to contact users

System scheme

There are 3 important points in the campaign using the hashtag to be able to implement an effective campaign

  • Information Gathering

    in the database

  • Information Utilization

    in the campaign site

  • Information Analysis

    CSV Data

Hashtag analysis system in a Free Trial  Period![  Smart Hash × Analysis  ]

Free trial for Smart Hash with Buzzic analysis system. Try it before March 31, 2016.

Smart Hash × Analysis

1.Campaign Effective Measurable
  • Analysis post amount on a specific period
  • Analysis post amount in day of the week and time zone
  • Show influencer data
  • Show total amount of like and comment
2. Campaign account Effective Measurable
  • Show chart of the number of followers
  • Show total status of follower and following daily.

Smarthash 9 features


Please tell us your requirements, we will give you the best solution.
For Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, we offer pay per success as a separate service. please contact us for more detail.

International Case Study of HashTag

iconlineNostagic moments collected on Twitter

Nostagic moments collected on Twitter
Hashtag can be used in text campaign with a particular hashtag of twitter, and along with the application have to follow the official account
User must login twitter account in campaign application form (OAuth authentication) and follow official account. It is possible to tweet on users' timeline automatically.
Because it is the only text information, the threshold is low. Users can easily apply, you will be able to expected some extent of number of applicants. It can be attractive and announcement propaganda.
In addition, you can also increase the followers of the official account at the same time.

* It is recommended, to PR new products.

icon icon icon linePhoto and video contest on Twitter ・ Instagram ・ Vine

Photo and video contest on Twitter ・ Instagram ・ Vine
With setting up hashtag in description, photo and video from Twitter, Instagram, Vine will automatically shows, video contest.
By using the OAuth authentication that can let user click to follow your official account easily with one click. You will be able to promote the official account.
In addition, it is possible to easily post a hashtag using the app you are using everyday, it is easier to participate in contests.

* You can also customize campaign to use with youtube as video contest.
* We recommend Student contest by using Vine which is popular among high school students. Is a student contest recommend such a popular Vine to high school students.(no need Vine)

iconlinePhoto mosaic art in Instagram

Photo mosaic art in Instagram
While Instagram rose sharply, it is able to post image with a specific hashtag in mosaic art.
With Instagram and cooperation from (OAuth authentication) in campaign site even pet photos such as dogs ,cats, birds or DIY photo can pratically use. Users who are using the Instagram to take pictures and post them daily, can participate without posting to the campaign site. Easily join the campaign . This is the real merit point.

* It can be widely applied to various industries.
* Mosaic Art + Photo Contest It is possible.

iconlineMarketing analysis in Twitter! (Introduction only management screen)

The brand names, product names, will be collected automatically with hashtag. You can download report in CSV format from the management screen. Whatever murmur customers are tweeting , you can know and pick up real voices of the customers. It is possible to help improve services and new product development.

Reference information

International Campaign Case Study Summary

*There are cases from other companies's campaigns.

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    Shu uemura

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Do official account is necessary for the Secretariat?
Yes, it is necessary. Account for carrying out the application to applicant is required. We recommend the application filed in the official account for the secretariat.
I want to collect automatically particular hashtag, do I need any environment?
It is required that you provide the authority to set up cron in the server.
What kind of environment do I need?
Development environment, assumes the following.
Server OS: Linux-based / DB: MySQL development / Languages: perl (environment cgi file to work)
What you can get other than the post data?
Post time, posting content, account name, number of followers, the number of follow-up, image path (URL), the video path (URL), etc.
* depends on the specification of Twitter ・ Instagram ・ Vine. Please contact us.
Can you get personal information?
The hashtag collection system can get only the available information, which is provide in Twitter ・ Instagram ・ Vine. Information such as address in order to ship the prize to the winner or real name will not be provided by the system.
Therefore, you can separately provide a form for the winner by directly send message. Iit is recommended that you notify the URL of the form.